I will not share this toffee with anyone.
— Robert M. Morgenthau, Former District Attorney, New York City
Robert Morgenthau with a bag of our Toffee, 2013

Robert Morgenthau with a bag of our Toffee, 2013

That toffee is dangerous. Very addictive!”
— Adriano Paganini, Chef & Restaurant Owner, San Francisco
Thank you for the toffee! I can’t stop eating it!!! I literally have been cutting down on sugar for 2 weeks now. Then I open up the box and see the toffee and it was like I was a recovering drug addict who fell off the wagon!!!
— Clients of Cindy Wilson, Owner Wilsonwest Corporate Event Planning
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My nephew brought me some of your toffee when he was in New York a couple of weeks ago. It is without a doubt, the absolute BEST toffee I have ever had. The best thing he’s ever done for me!
— Linda, New Jersey
My husband and I ate that delicious toffee after dinner for dessert. Without puffing, that was THE BEST we have EVER tasted. How do we order more?
— Kathleen M. O'Neill, California
Get that bag away from me. I can’t stop.
— Jon, New York